Capital: Bratislava

Population:  5,440,078 (2010 estimate)

Location: Central Europe

The mid and the North of the country is mountainous (Carpathian curve), lowlands (important agricultural areas) are typical of the South and the East. The most important Slovak river the Danube connects the capital city of the SR Bratislava with two capital cities of the neighbour countries - Vienna and Budapest.
The highest point is Gerlach Peak (2655 m), the lowest point is the Bodrog river (95 m).
Moderate climatic zone, with changing four seasons, average temperature in winter -2°C (the coldest month January, the coldest area High Tatras), in summer 21°C (the warmest months July and August, the warmest area Danubian Lowland). In some mountain ranges the snow remains on average 130 days per year.
The dominant feature in the surface of Slovakia is the mountain range High Tatras. The Tatras are considered the gem of the West Carpathian Arch, which occupies a great part of the Slovak territory. They consist of the Western and Eastern parts and their most visited and most popular range is that of the High Tatras.
Slovak nature is a big attraction for visitors from close and far away countries as well. Not only because more than the third of its territory is occupied by forests, but also because in a relatively small area you can find many different species of plants and vestures, out of which many of them are world unique.
Border countries:
Hungary (679 km), Poland (597.5 km), the Czech Republic (265 km), Austria (127,2 km), Ukraine (98 km)
Nationalities / Ethnic groups:
Slovak (85.8%), Hungarian (9.7%), Roma (Gipsy) (1.7%), Czech (0.8%), Ruthenian, Ukrainian, German, Polish and other (2%)
Holiday resorts
Slovak mountains and recreational centres located in their hearts or at their foots belong to the most visited holiday resorts in Slovakia. You can find several of them directly in national parks (movement in this territory is subject to special rules). They are an ideal starting point for lovers of hiking or adrenaline sports. In winter, the most lively places in mountains are the ski resorts offering possibilities of skiing and other winter activities.   
Although Slovakia has no sea and the natural lakes are not numerous either, it can offer water bodies for bathing and water sports. There are many artificial water reservoirs, which were made by blocking rivers or after extraction of gravel and sand. 
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